Amenities for your convinience and safety

Swimming Pond

The summer highlight: our swimming pond

Nothing better, than after an interesting course day or a sightseeing, having a swimm. Our newly executed natural swimming pond offers you pleasure without any chemicals. The pump and the carefully selected plants are filtering the water in any season. Your swimming movements are carefully observed by the numerous fishes. 

The pond also serves as a water reservoir for the garden both as firefighting water in case of fire. 

The holistic gardens of SanaTerraFarm

The vegetable and fruit gardens of the SanaTerraFarm extend over three different plots of land within the village of Voivodeni. In total, almost one hectare is intensively used.
To ensure the supply of the soil with all necessary substances, only animals, compost and compost teas are used.
All gardens are open for our guests to visit at any time.

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