Daniel was born and raised in Switzerland, where he got his education before moving to Transylvania, Romania, in 2005. 

Since moving to Romania, Daniel has been living on the SanaTerra Farm with his wife, Hermina, and they have successfully brought the farm from what it used to be to what it is today.

Daniel is a certified gardener and permaculture designer and has used his expertise to give the farm the excellent look and feel it has today. He has a passion for regenerative agriculture, holistic farm management, healthy food production and consumption, healthy eating and drinking, waste management, and sustainability in general.

He believes that for us to save the world from climate change, we all have to rethink old behaviors.

On the farm, Daniel cares for the animals and the garden. He also helps his wife in locating and taking great care of their visitors. Daniel leverages his years of experience in the hospitality industry to deliver an excellent guest experience to their guests.

Daniel is also an eloquent public speaker, presenter, and writer and is currently working on his first novel. He takes care of SanaTerraFarm’s marketing and website content management.